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ZUMBA® Mukilteo
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About us

We will throw a ZUMBA Fitness Party at your next event!

Large group pricing negotiable
 Under 15 guests, $10.00 per person (per hour)
contact us 2fun4fitness@gmail.com 

All 3 ZUMBA® instructors and their substitutes that teach at 2 Fun 4 Fitness are licensed. Go to www.zumba.com to check it out.

Lisa Reid was introduced to ZUMBA® in 2009 and loved it.  She decided to become a licensed instructor in early 2010.  Her background in martial arts and physical fitness has a lot to do with her style in ZUMBA®.  She focuses on the "fitness" side of ZUMBA® and gives you a great cardio workout with lots of toning and sculpting.  It is amazing what these ZUMBA® classes can do for you.

Andrea Told has been enjoying the benefits of ZUMBA® for a long time and decided her love for ZUMBA® needed to be shared with all of us so she bacame a licensed instructor. Andi has a background in dance and you can tell with her awesome choreography and fun choice of music. Watch out! Your abs may get an extra workout with how much laughing and fun you will have at her classes.

Bobi-Ann Phillips is an experienced group fitness trainer who has found ZUMBA to be one of the most fun, effective, and exciting forms of exercise she has taught. Bobi lost more than 45 pounds since she fell in love with ZUMBA. She has a great compassion for others and wants to share health and wellness with all of us. You can see it shine in her the minute you meet her. You won’t even realize an hour of fantastic exercise has gone by the end of one of her classes.


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